Passivhaus Design Atelier

Passivhaus design is a fabric first approach to low energy building design and construction.

Pioneered in Europe and endorsed by the EU as the recommended building energy  standard, Passivhaus design is the simplest, least expensive and most elegant way to achieve low energy and zero energy buildings.  

Since 1990, over 20,000 projects have been completed in Europe using Passivhaus principles.  Building types include, homes, multi-family, office, school, laboratory, archives, manufacturing, retail, service, etc.  Passivhaus design principles can be applied to any building type.

In the United States there are very few passivhaus buildings.

The mission of Passivhaus Design Aetelier is to bring Passivhaus Design to the United States. 

We offer service in all regions of the country and encourage you to contact us with an inquiry about using Passivhaus Design in your next project.

Our Aetelier is made up of some of the most accomplished Passivhaus professionals in the world.

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