Passivhaus Design Atelier

Andreas Madreiter


 Mr. Madreiter is an active member of the following boards:

  • Working Group on Energy-saving and ecological building of the Chamber of Architects

Atelier Role:
Project Coordinator (Germany) & Architect


Web site:

Andreas Madreiter was born in 1966 in Frankfurt /Main, Germany (West). After successfully completing the Pre-Diploma Stage at the Technical University in Braunschweig, he completed the Master-Program at the School of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, with a Minor in City and Regional Planning (Energy efficient Planning an d Design). He worked at P+Mechanical Engineers in Frankfurt /Main, Seifert Architects, London, UK and as a teaching assistant for Professor Ben Nicholson at IIT.

After retuning to Germany In 1992, he worked in the Architecture Firm of Franz Madreiter in Frankfurt/ Main, as a Lead-Architect. IN 2002 he opened his own Architecture firm with Offices in Frankfurt/ Main and Chemnitz. The Office in Chemnitz resides in the City’s First certified Passivehouse. The Chemnitz Office specializes in the planning of passivhaus buildings.

The experience in Passivhaus-design and Planning made him a welcome speaker for the passivhaus-idea for the architectural chamber of Saxony, the passivhaus institute in Darmstadt, the saxonian energy agency and other organizations. Andreas Madreiter is one of the founding members of the saxonian institute for energy efficient design which came to live in 2006. The Institute emphasizes in Presentations, Lectures and seminars on energy efficient building and designing with the emphasis on passivhaus standard.

Being heavily influenced with the “mies” spirit, it is his believe that less is actually more. So the goal of his approach to passivhaus is the implementation of a minimal use of technology and mechanical components.

Member of these organizations:

  • IG-Passive House Darmstadt                      
  • Saxonian Institute for Energy efficient building e.V.                                     
  • Chamber of Architects of Saxony                               
  • Chamber of Architects of Hessen    

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